About Us

SWiM – Sisters, Wives and Mothers Foundation is a non-governmental organization that is concerned about meeting the all-round needs of women through qualitative dissemination of precautionary, proactive and preventive information that will help women make the right decisions especially in the area of their emotions, career and relationships.

We are gifted in providing emotional healing and support to people through our seminars, support groups, counselling sessions, online community, forums, podcast and all our other media channels.


Initiatives and

Our initiatives provides relationship education that helps men and women as well as married and singles.

Our Vision

Sisters Wives and Mothers is a forum that has been put together to empower women to collectively achieve the following results:

    1. Restoring true joy in relationships

    2. Raising believers in healthy relationships

Our Mission

Promoting healthy co-existence in couples one relationship at a time

REALationship Unfeigned

Finding love is sometimes not as tedious as keeping love alive. It takes a lot to keep your relationship and marriage fresh and enjoyable. We equip you – men, women, married and singles – with all the information and strategies you need to make your relationship and marriage work. We are experts at transforming the relationship you currently have to the one you love. We tackle real issues with real solutions.

"Our objective is to provide information that helps people make more informed choices thereby averting costly mistakes."

Nike Adekunle

We’ll be glad to see you in any of our meetings and events. It’s a friendly place for you to learn, grow, connect and network with great minds and In case you need anything, you can call us by phone or send us an email to get more information about us