REALationship Unfeigned


About Us

Finding love is sometimes not as tedious as keeping love alive. It takes a lot to keep your relationship and marriage fresh and enjoyable. We equip you – men, women, married and singles – with all the information and strategies you need to make your relationship and marriage work. We are experts at transforming the relationship you currently have to the one you love. We tackle real issues with real solutions.

We have heard, believed and practiced falsehood for so long that the thin line between right and wrong is now blurred. Relationships need not be endured neither should happiness be feigned.


"True happiness in relationships is available and attainable if we apply the right principles. @ REALationship Unfeigned we combat real issues with real truths in practical ways. RESULTS GUARANTEED!"


    1. Restoring true joy in relationships
    2. Raising believers in healthy relationships


Promoting healthy co-existence in couples one relationship at a time